Africa is a truly magical place to go and it is like nothing else in this world. It is like a giant playground for adults. It has everything that you can possibly imagine – wonderful animals, breathtaking mountains, tribes that are truly stunning and beautiful in a very unique way, the hospitality, lovely cities, music, and the vibrant nightlife. It truly has it all. It is definitely a place to go and explore at least once in a lifetime, but we are sure that if you go once, you will want to go back for more of that unique energy. In order to help you out, we have made a guide so it is easier for you to make a plan.

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Do your research

First, determine what would you like to see and do in Africa. Would you like to diving and snorkeling? Or you would like to join a safari? How about you explore the nightlife of Africa and dance to the incredible beats? Or you are more in the mood for learning about the history of this magnificent continent? Well, doing your research in advance and making a plan will help you to arrange everything before you go. Depending on the country where you plan to go, the preparations may slightly differ. Africa is the second continent in the world by size and with 54 countries it is pretty impressive and amazing. With so many things to see and do, it is truly necessary to make a plan in advance.

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Choose the destination

Egypt is a cradle of ancient civilization and the place to go if you wish to see the pyramids and many natural wonders. Mount Sinai is the place where Ten Commandments were revealed to Moses. On the other hand, Morocco is so colorful and appealing that we are sure you will want to come back to it again. With the markets where you will be able to find everything from spices to clothes and other places like Fez Medina and Sahara desert, enjoying every second of your stay is guaranteed.

If you wish to taste the nightlife, go to Cape Town. It is one of the most breath-taking cities for sure. The architecture is amazing and you will find many places that you will love, for sure. On the other hand, if you are interested in Safari, don’t miss the Serengeti Migration. Go to Botswana, Zimbabwe, or Uganda to see the animals up close. Give yourself the chance to see the lions, zebras, elephants, and many other animals in their natural habitat. It is truly a sight you will never get a chance to see anywhere else. This is why Africa is so special. Choose one of the numerous stunning destinations according to your preferences and plan the trip accordingly.

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Make preparations

There are numerous things you will need to do before you actually go to Africa. You will need money there, so make sure you check which currency is used in the exact city you wish to visit, as well as the available hotels. Check how near is the ATM to the hotel you plan to stay in. Also, check if the hotel has a room available for the period you plan to go. Keep in mind that it is better for tourists to drink bottled water when going to another country to avoid having any health issues. Is you are not sure if the water is safe for consumption, the best thing is to ask the locals. They will give you the best information.

Create a route and double-check all the requirements for going there. Your passport should be valid and you will need to check if you need a visa to enter the country. Check if there are any safety concerns that you should be aware of. Some cities are known for pickpocketing, but this is something you should check based on the location you plan to go to. It is always good to be careful and don’t attract too much attention to the pricey items that you have.

Also, consult with your doctor and the embassy about the vaccination requirements before traveling to Africa. Visit WhileInAfrica for more information about planning your trip. You will find here the trusted information from the people who had the chance to go to this magnificent continent and offer valid information to the tourists eager to go.

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Pack your things wisely

The most important thing that you need to pack is your documents – ID, valid passport, and visa if it’s necessary. Also, if it’s required to be vaccinated, bring a document that will prove it. Besides your credit card, bring also some cash in case you need it. Take all the medications with you if you use any and double-check the quantity. You should have enough for the entire stay at the planned location. Travel insurance is highly recommended for all the tourists no matter how long you plan to stay. In case something unexpected happens, the insurance will cover your medical expenses.

Even though everyone thinks about hot weather when they think about Africa, it is still necessary to check the weather forecast and pack your clothes accordingly. Also, keep in mind that in some parts of Africa locals are Muslim, so this means that you will need to dress politely so you don’t offend them. Make sure you check this in advance, so when you get there, you can easily adjust. This is particularly important for women. Clothes that are too provocative and revealing can be a problem. For advices and interesting informations about Africa you can check wothappen.

After all the preparations are done, the only thing left is to go to your wanted destination and to breathe in the magical energy of Africa and the generosity of people. Take your time and let yourself explore all the hidden treasures that this amazing content has to offer. Arrange a guide, so once you get there, you will have help to dive into the exploration. Open your heart and you will see just how magical this trip can be!