One of the most romantic trips we make throughout our lives is the honeymoon trip. There are many places for this special moment. Still, this time, we are going to recommend a destination full of options, with elegant hotels, luxury trains, private islands, and great safaris. Yes, we are going to Africa!

In this vast continent, you will learn about some incredible cultures and nature in its purest state.

Are you getting married and don’t want the typical honeymoon that all couples have? Are you adventurous newlyweds and looking for a different experience? We have prepared this article for you and that unique trip you will remember for a lifetime.

You should know that if you choose a honeymoon in Africa during December, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a wild environment in one of the best seasons in the African continent. There, you can carry out a multitude of adventurous activities, such as trekking through the exotic surroundings of Uganda and Rwanda, seeing mountain gorillas, visiting the best safaris in the National Parks of East Africa, contemplating the variety of contrasts in South Africa or discovering the ancient cities of Ethiopia. You can visit LeadwoodExpeditions if you want to experience an authentic African safari.

The following is our list of best honeymoon destinations in Africa:

1. Kenya and Tanzania

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One of the reasons that make the African continent fascinating is its spectacular natural landscapes and the wildlife that exists in them. If you like nature, you cannot miss out on one of the many safaris that Lengo Safaris offers in Tanzania and Kenya.

Can you imagine a honeymoon away from the cold winter of the peninsula in an exotic and different place? The month of December is ideal for enjoying a safari through the iconic East African National Parks. Why? In addition to the temperatures being very pleasant, it is the perfect time to observe the final cycle of the Great Migration, in which herds of wildebeest and zebra have completed their migration to the Serengeti. A shocking phenomenon that will leave you speechless!

2. South Africa and Swaziland

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In southern Africa and eastern Africa are the most luxurious lodges, such as the Singita, Royal Malewane, or Lions Sands safaris. But if you also want to have a relaxing moment among all the excitement, you can combine a safari honeymoon with a getaway to one of Africa’s paradisiacal beaches.

Away from the rains and the cold, you will get to know Soweto in Johannesburg, one of the most exciting neighborhoods on the continent with its impressive past. But this does not end here; the action has only just begun because you will fly over Cape Town by helicopter, and, besides, you will be able to see the great white shark face to face.

Or if you want to stay in Cape Town, there are stunning Cape Town apartments all over the city but City Bowl and Sea Point are considered as prime locations.

Are you ready to enjoy the best of the land and marine fauna of Southern Africa?

3. Ethiopia

Source: Times of India

It is a destination that will connect you to one of the most ancient cultures of humanity. You can visit the most spectacular landscapes in all of Abyssinia, the Simien Mountains, the Tigrai, contemplating the path of a multitude of camels and volcanic deserts, as well as an incredible architectural legacy in the horn of Africa. That will be an adventure you will never forget!

4. Uganda and Rwanda

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What do you think about entering the heart of Black Africa? On this trip, you will visit the Great Lakes Region through National Parks, savannas, and primary forests. This tour goes from Lake Victoria to the impressive Murchison Falls, traversing lush surroundings until you meet chimpanzees and the last mountain gorillas. Without a doubt, it is an ideal destination for the most exploring couples!

5. Botswana

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If what you are looking for is the heat at Christmas time, Botswana is your destination. This country offers a great diversity of landscapes that you can enjoy, but be prepared, because in some regions the temperature exceeds 40 degrees!

You will forget the heat touring Botswana in the open 4 × 4, motorboats, and mekoros, that is, traditional canoes, on the Okavango River. Also, you will fly over the Victoria Falls by helicopter. From the terraces of the 5-star Victoria Falls, you will enjoy unique views and say goodbye to the African continent with the roar of Mosi or Tunya, the thundering smoke!

6. Zambia

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Zambia is reputed to offer some of the best safaris on the African continent. South Luangwa National Park is home to thousands of species, including wildebeest Cookson, Thornicroft giraffes, Crawshays zebras, pukus, and wild pigs. If you are a nature lover, we assure you that you will not be disappointed.

In addition to traditional safaris, you can also enjoy hiking, 4×4 rides through the African savannah, and end the day with a drink under the moonlight and candles, contemplating the stars.

Discover the magic of Seychelles

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Here the islands have something magical. Starting with its white sand beaches bathed by warm blue waters.

The Indian Ocean in Africa is dotted with islands such as Seychelles, an archipelago of 115 islands spread across the sea, Mauritius, Madagascar, the fourth largest island in the world. This island is a land of contrasts, more and more people decide to visit it, so if you don’t want to miss its dazzling beauty and charm, don’t miss the opportunity to get to know it.

Living together with the Berbers and the Tuaregs

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To experience the magic of the Sahara desert, you have to take a camel ride, and when it is time to rest, sleeping one night in their houses will be the best way to get to know the lifestyle of the Berber nomads.

A little further south, we will enter a landscape of palm groves and oases, in addition to its dune seas to come into contact with the Tuaregs, the people of penetrating gaze, of the mystery of their legendary caravans. There we can contemplate the immense starry sky from a Bedouin tent.

The best time of year to do these camel crossings is from September to February.

The Final Word

Enjoy your honeymoon in Africa and have a unique experience in an incredible setting where you will enjoy your first days as newlyweds!