Researchers at Altravita IVF clinic in Moscow have found that trance may be the missing ingredient when it comes to helping \’test tube babies\’ grow better. The researchers played the embryos music for 24 hours, producing a positive response in the embryos.

The music of choice? Armin van Buuren’s \’A State Of Trance,\’ although UK media outlets reported that it was techno that was the genre responsible for improvement in the eggs (LOL).

In the study, Armin was played to 758 eggs at 80 decibels, while the same number were nurtured in silence. The team found the eggs that were played trance music were much more likely to develop to the stage in which they could be implanted.

According to Dr. Dagan Wells, an associate professor at the University of Oxford, the vibrations of trance create a similar environment to that of the womb immediately after conception.

It is possible that vibrations could simulate some of these effects by agitating the medium, helping to mix the fluid in which the embryo is immersed, diluting potentially harmful chemicals excreted by the embryo and increasing exposure to important nutrients

H/T MixMag