What was once EDM\’s most powerful duo may soon be never again. Diplo & Skrillex, known to many together as Jack Ü, have had quite the past few years together. After debuting the Jack Ü project at Ultra Music Festival back in 2013, to releasing their debut single in late 2014, and earning a Gold certification on their debut album in 2015. The duo continued to tour, and at the end of festival season 2016, Skrillex announced in a since-deleted tweet that there would be no more Jack Ü shows for \”a long long time\”.


It was then when many blogs, including ours, speculated that there could have been some sort of falling out between Skrillex and Diplo. It just felt odd that after all that success that they would suddenly quit making appearances. However, many simply believed it was to make time for new material as they had been teasing new works with and Florence + The Machine over social media. Despite not having been seen for a while, Skrillex even wished a kindhearted birthday wish to Diplo via Twitter. Everything seemed to be going well.

Fast forward to this week, and many fans were surprised to see that Diplo had gone radio silent on Skrillex\’s birthday – this past Sunday. Some sly fans also realized that Diplo no longer followed Skrillex on Twitter. Twitter follower verification website DoesFollow shows that Diplo no longer follows Skrillex as of January 16th – the day after Skrill\’s birthday. At first, many believed this to be an accident, until fans quickly checked to see if Diplo still followed Skrillex on Instagram. The answer? Nope.

Unfollowing someone out of nowhere is pretty much the 21st century equivalent of giving them the finger, especially someone that you\’ve had such a positive, open friendship with. Fans of Skrillex over on Reddit have been discussing this weird occurance as well, and late, last night, Slushii, who has performed with Skrillex multiple times, appeared in the /r/skrillex Discord only to confirm that there is indeed \”a whole thing\” going on between the two. He was reluctant to share any information that wasn\’t already readily available, but seemingly gave the confirmation that something has gone amiss.

Now, remember – this is pure speculation at this point. Despite the confirmation from Slushii, something probably could have happened with Diplo\’s socials, but whatever it is – it\’s extremely weird. On the flipside, it\’s extremely unfortunate to see Jack Ü potentially on the fritz. Not only did Diplo & Skrillex have a really awesome bromance going on, but the music they made together was arguably groundbreaking and definitely had an impact on the electronic music industry today. What\’s even more unfortunate, however? Seemingly no more Jack Ü music. Upcoming tracks like Constellation, the collaboration with Florence, and El Cuco with Maluca, would have been a wonder to have – but it seems we won\’t be getting those anytime soon.

Until then, you can check out Skrillex\’s new single with his former band From First To Last, entitled \”Make War\”, as well as Diplo\’s new single with Autoerotique, entitled \”Waist Time\”.

Image via Jas Davis