London based duo Jay Faleye and Devin Smith aka Tantrum Desire have shared their top 10 Drum & Bass tracks with us. The list includes huge tunes from the likes of Crissy Criss, L Plus and Drumsound & Bassline Smith, but you will also find some of their own hits in there.

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Tantrum Desire – Reach VIP
Jay: Still a highlight of my set. Having been released back in 2012, to this present day still makes the crowd go wild like its something new.

Crissy Criss – Go Hard
Jay: One of my recent favourites from Crissy. I played this for the first time in Sydney, Australia (2014), the roof was almost removed from when the bassline dropped. Absolute stomper!

Drumsound & Basslinesmith – Phantasm
Jay: This one is pure fire! When the build up kicks in, the dance floor is warned of whats coming. Massive track that goes off everytime!

L Plus – The Price
Jay: This was in my sets for a long while. Head rolling baseline thats always great to mix.

Tantrum Desire – Get With It
Jay: I wrote this whilst on tour in Australia back in 2011, purposely made for my DJ sets. Overwhelmed to see how well it was received, becoming one of the most rotated tracks in the D&B scene.

Spectrum – Run
Jay: Really like the warm sound in this tune, one of those tracks that’s great for the clubs and listening to on road.

Drumsound & Basslinesmith – R U Ready
Jay: Such a heavy track to play in DJ sets. The beat and the movement on the synth definitely got the crowd going for sure!

Tantrum Desire – Guided Rhythm
Jay: Great to see that ‘Guided Rhythm’ was in the Top 10 most selling tracks of 2013 on Beatport, aswell as the 140 BPM mix.

Document One – Faced with the unknown
Jay: I like how this one builds into a deep and dark venture. Alongside the quality of the beat and baseline, such a simple thing like the ‘Yeah!’ vox adds to the groove and makes this track sound tight in a mix.

Phetsta – Intergalactic
Jay: Quality productions all day long from Phetsta. To me, ’Intergalactic’ was one of those that stood out from rest around its time. You could definitely feel the movement through galaxies in this track.