Synymata out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin brings us his beautifully arranged and produced remix of Axwell Λ Ingrosso’s “Dreamer.”  The track starts off with a perfect blend of elements introducing the vocals and main melody, then comes the beautiful crescendo leading into the drop that features both an array of uplifting synths and aggressive bass. The leads thrash throughout the drop creating a more intense feel to the track. Synymata’s remix perfectly embodies the use of two expressions. It’s hard for producers to introduce one emotion throughout a track let a lone two. The flawless arrangement and production of this remix cover both the dark and light side of his project creating a ratio that is this truly exciting.

The masked DJ/producer is a Mechanical Engineer by day, giving him the freedom to customize and fabricate his own helmet design. The helmet itself was prototyped for 8 months accounting for weight, magnetic strength, and illuminated gradient. The concept of the mask was inspired of the duality between the two sounds expressed in his “Dreamer” remix. The pink face represents a more aggressive, bass – heavy sound while the orange face represents the cheerful melodic side of his project. Not only did he build his own helmet, he used his engineering side to create his own custom production desk which was posted on /r/pcmasterrace and gained a large amount of exposure leading to Razer to repost it on Facebook and Instagram.

Being able to have both the artistic ability for creating wonderful tracks and the freedom to be able to construct and design any faset of his brand makes Synymata a one of a kind artist. The multi-faceted producer has a bright future ahead of him and we’re excited to see what the future holds.