A three-person powerhouse, STO CULTR produces for the likes of Steve Aoki, Lupe Fiasco, One Direction, Pitbull, and more. Now, the trio teams up for “Rush,” the official soundtrack for ESL Birmingham. A meeting of buttery smooth beats and heavy vocals, it’s no surprise that “Rush” is such an easy track to love. Check it out below.

“For us Rush is mainly about all the liars using social media to make people dumb. How they always Assume people are dumb. How they give you a rush then another rush telling you what you want to hear showing you what you want to see. Proving your opinions that you always had. And how we hope people use critical thinking to fight against it.. But it’s also about always going for it, never holding back, like we feel about the band. It’s all in. We regardless wants the listener to catch their own vibe, not telling them what to feel. If someone thinks or feels the song is about something else, hey that’s cool too!” – STO CULTR