Snakehips released their new single \”All My Friends\” on their soundcloud about one day ago, and it already has the community talking. It not only features Chance The Rapper, but Tinashe as well. It\’s a brilliant mix of soul and hip hop with a psychedelic back beat. Taking a listen to the piece reminded me of how integrated rap and electronic music has been throughout both of their histories. I wish I could have been alive when \”Rappers Delight\” hit the scene from the Sugarhill Gang, and though they might have copied Queen\’s \”Another One Bites the Dust\” beat, they did something new, that blew up. Soon we had people spinning vinyls, taking samples and beats for state-of-art raps. Out of this new concept of taking samples and spinning, electronica was born.

So when I hear songs that have both of those quintessential genres of music, it feels like a satisfying compliment of collaboration.