Rodrigo Alves spent years trying to perfect himself to look like the famous Ken doll. He went through many plastic surgeries to achieve his dream, and they all cost him a great fortune.

However, the human Ken doll no longer has the desire to transform himself into a living doll. Instead, he has a new mission – being a woman.

Roddy Alves is now his new name, and he likes to be referred to as a woman. Alves has had more than a hundred plastic surgeries. Alves shocked the entire planet when pictures of her face after another plastic surgery emerged, but Alves said how she is actually proud of it.

Source: Instagram

Roddy Alves was born in Brazil, and she used to wear women’s clothing even when she was just a little boy. In addition to her plastic surgeries, she is also known for her participation in the British Big Brother.

Source. Instagram