Rico & Miella have released a sultry new song titled Good Girl. Rico & Miella are New Jersey-based musicians and singers influenced by their years of classical training and passion for music. Good Girl glimmers with uplifting vocals, catchy percussion, and soft synths that pull at your heart. Read about the production of the song and listen below!

“We really wanted to challenge ourselves and step outside of our comfort zone when we started working on ‘Good Girl.’ We’ve always loved writing complex and deeply emotional lyrics, and it can be a challenge to simplify without losing quality. In the end, we think we struck the right balance between catchy, clever, and memorable. On the production side, we just kept pushing the record to fill all of the sonic space until we created a wall of sound that was not only melodic but also equally impactful. Since this was one of only a handful of our solo releases, we really wanted to show off some of our skills in the studio.”

Rico & Miella