If ever there was a time that dance music needed more strong female powerhouses, it is now. And now is the time of REZZ. The 20-year-old producer from Niagara Falls is stepping into the major limelight with her own edgy, electro-inspired brand of bass music that caught the early attention of Skrillex\’s NEST HQ in 2014.

Fresh off two simultaneous tours already in 2016–Destructo\’s Ship2Ship & the Mau5trap North American tour–she is already gearing up for a debut tour all her own, hitting U.S. cities this May (more info below). Her sound is so utterly unique and her own that Billboard Dance named officially named her a 2016 artist to watch for:

REZZ has been building a name for herself with gritty, downtempo productions that draw as much from industrial rock as techno.

The best part is that she is completely self-taught. And she is showing no signs of slowing down either with her The Silence is Deafening EP, released in January on Mau5trap Records. In fact, she is flexing her muscles with her most recent rework of the deadmau5 progressive house gem, \”Slip,\” transforming the original 8-minute track into a gritty and hard-hitting number of her own creation. Zimmerman\’s work is an energetic, melodic track which steadily builds in a 4×4 progression, and REZZ stays fully true to it\’s original intent by piggy-backing on Joel\’s deep hitting bass line while simultaneously adding so much depth and complexity that it stands on it\’s own. It\’s darker, heavier, and has so many nuanced layers interlaid onto it that your ears will pleased while your brain is still trying to process everything she is doing to the track. Not to mention, the bass will hit deep into your soul. This one is an A++ production!


Be sure to catch REZZ at Spring Awakening and HARD Summer this summer, or for a much more intimate experience be sure to check below to see if her REZZURECTION Tour is coming to your city. We\’re excited to see where REZZ goes in the future and for successful females in the industry in general!