HDYNATION army: assemble all the lighters you can and light them up sky-high because Flosstradamus and NGHTMRE blessed our trap-loving ears with a new collaboration released on Friday.

These two artists are trap gods and it was no surprise to many people when these two djs announced they were working together in the studio. The name of their new collaboration is called \”Lighters Up\” and can be found on their Soundcloud accounts. This song should already be inducted into the trap hall of fame for how filthy it is. This song is lit from start to finish and it just gets the blood pumping. The bass drops that hit make the song even more intense and leave you wanting you to get off your feet. This song is going to not only be good for future mosh pits, but also a perfect fit for those \”in the moment\” pictures with everyone\’s \”Lighters Up.\”

I see in the upcoming festival season that this song is going to make its rounds. This song is one I am already itching to hear at night at a music festival. I can picture the song being dropped at the Ultra World Wide stage at night with the strobe lights flashing down on the faces of HDYNATION. It creates this energy of just wanting. Take a listen to yourself and raise those \”Lighters Up.\”

Photo Credit: Facebook