Virtually everyone in the nightclub business has heard of the legendary man with deep pockets Jho (Joe-Low) as being the biggest spender when it comes to bottle service.  When a random bottle shows up at your table, thank Jho.  When your entire VIP table has bottles paid for, thank Jho.  So you might be asking yourself \”Who is Jho?  Is he a Saint? An Angel?  Santa Claus?\”  No, actually Jho is a thief. has reported that the mysterious Jho has been stealing billions out of a company known as 1MBD (One Malaysia Development Berhad).

It was reported that a 700 million dollar loan had been repaid to PetroSaudi as part of a joint venture agreement, but in reality it was being redirected to a Swiss Bank account for a company named Good Star, which was operated by Jho.  PetroSaudi had agreed to act as a front for Jho, which facilitated him in stealing the money.

Via: kingofnightclubs / Dancingastronaut