Rising producer Pluko has released a brand new single titled The Lovely One. Coming off the release of his recent melodic pop collaboration with Nate Traveller blessings, Pluko opts for an uplifting, beautiful instrumental for his newest release. In merely 2 years of activity, 19-year-old Pluko has gone from bedroom producer to main stage act. With soaring synth work, grand percussion and lively bass, Pluko’s production skills are at the forefront on The Lovely One. The song may also mark a new turning point for Sam Martinson, the mind behind Pluko.

“I wanted to challenge myself to create a huge burst of emotion that still kind of felt like a ‘drop’ too. This track was a huge breakthrough for me and my journey as an artist. After I wrote it, I felt as if I had just broken down a massive wall. There’s nothing better than that feeling of being onto something fresh and exciting.”