A New Year and a chance to start fresh and ‘Bloom’. As the first release of 2015, ‘Bloom’ starts the year with an open field and brings Nordean back for his second release on Fuze Records. Partnering up with the stunning vocals of fellow-Australian Zoë Badwi, this release brings creativity and a unique sound to Fuze, as well as some much needed emotion to our dance music world. The music for ‘Bloom’ tells a story with beautiful chords matched by sweeping lines and intricate instrumental additions. This can only be described as House Music with a great blend of innovation and musicality.

Adding to the release is a Remix by Maarcos. The energy gets turned up a little for this mix, akin to a hot summer day. Starting with an underlying groove, Maarcos steps in with a big Progressive House take on ‘Bloom’ by deftly layering a hypnotic rhythms with more and more melodies and his signature details as the track moves on.

Released: 02/02/2015