The music world never ceases to surprise as new artists continue to manifest themselves year round. As the last leg of 2016 show the first glimpse of more developing artists with promise, we\’ve never felt that to be more true. The latest release \”Give Me Back Tonight\” on Tipsy Records is an offering that showcases a couple of these talents. Nik Ernst and Nick Peters\’ melodic infused, pop house anthem featuring stellar vocals from Tammy Infusino is setting itself up to be one of the most memorable releases of its kind in recent times.

Give Me Back Tonight finds the perfect groove to get the dance floor moving but perhaps it\’s this track\’s catchy melodies that make it stand out from the static. These two producers are bringing a distinctly fresh sound to the genre, and Give Me Back Tonight will continue to make waves on Tipsy Records for the foreseeable future. Grab the limited free download today, and stay tuned for its release in stores and on Spotify.