Rumors about the new album have been circulating for some time now. This past Sunday, Joel Zimmerman played what is presumably the fully-mastered, completed track of \”Analogical\” during one of his infamous Twitch studio live streams. For the last several months, clips of the deadmau5 track have been circulating around the Internet.

One SoundCloud user has captured Zimmerman\’s version of “Analogical” in full for fans to enjoy as a singular track, with some minor edits to help the piece stand alone as an individual cut. Although the audio remains largely untouched, giving listeners a fair impression of how the final composition will play out, it could be taken down in only a matter of time until the track is taken down.

Clocking in at over 8 minutes, “Analogical” has all the makings of an anthemic, ambient deadmau5 track. The first portion of the track features a steadily building soundscape — no surprise there — and is highly reminiscent of a Tron soundtrack. Eventually, the song progresses into a chill dance segment that is structurally simplistic, but sonically challenging. Proof yet again that deadmau5 is near impossible to categorize into any genre like \”progressive,\” this one is truly amazing and will most likely appear on deadmau5’s forthcoming album.

H/T Dancing Astro