In his newest single “How It Goes (ft. Pauline Herr)”, neutral. captivates through and through. The 22-year-old producer manages to create a truly emotional ballad in his four minute and thirty second track – one that will definitely keep you coming back for more.

Pauline Herr’s airy vocals set the stage early on and carry listeners like a feather throughout the track. In a triumphant build, neutral. unleashes his skills into a stunning symphony of synths, showcasing his immaculate production techniques. Even though “How It Goes” comes as neutral.’s second single ever, the masterful work on the track makes it seem as if he’s been doing this for a long time.

“The instrumental was something I had for 4-5 months before I found a good vocalist. Pauline and I have been good friends for around a year now. This is the second track that she did a vocal take on and she absolutely crushed it. Her voice adds an almost vulnerable vibe to the track. We are super excited for you to hear it!” – neutral.

Listen to “How It Goes” below, out now on BonFire Records.