Moving to another city, although cardinal, but an easy way to part with the past and start a new life. Let’s look at how to properly make the move and what you need to consider when changing your place of residence.

Why people move to other cities

  1. Favorable environment and beautiful nature. Families with young children want their children to grow up healthy and active, so they often move from noisy and dirty cities to eco-villages. The same reason often drives elderly people, especially those whose lives and work have been spent in environmentally unfriendly regions.
  2. Prospects and living conditions. Big cities offer a lot of opportunities for career growth. In addition, they are more developed road and social infrastructure.
  3. Forced relocation. Associated with a variety of reasons, such as a long-term business trip, military service or certain life circumstances that force you to sell your home and buy property elsewhere, where prices are lower.
  4. Taking care of children. Often the reason for moving to another city is the desire of parents to provide their children with better living conditions. Young people want to settle in the capital or other major cities, because there are many prospects and opportunities, the best universities in the country and fewer problems with getting your child into school or kindergarten.
  5. Changes in the composition of the family. You got married, had children and found that the old apartment is too small. Or vice versa – the children have grown up and have their own families, and now the big house is difficult to take care of, it makes more sense to move into an apartment.
  6. Availability of Free Money. Free money can be invested in real estate, choosing a good or even a prestigious area, it all depends on the amount allocated. It can be maternity capital or personal savings, and they need to be invested in housing as soon as possible.

Problems that arise when you move


There are five main fears that haunt a person who decides to move to another city or region.

  1. Deterioration of health. A change in climate can affect a person’s well-being both positively and negatively. For example, a forced move to the North can result in frequent colds. Moving from North to South in coastal cities is fraught with problems with blood pressure, cardiovascular system. To avoid “surprises” in the form of worsening diseases or inflammations, before moving to another city, you should consult a doctor, get tested to check the status of all major systems, and if there are problems, take action. When moving, you can find a clinic that offers wellness adaptation programs.
  2. Absence of friends and relatives. A person is social, so in the new place of residence it is important for him to find an environment in which he will be comfortable. Nowadays, many apartment complexes are being built, designed to accommodate people of different social strata. Often there is a situation where people live on the same site, but do not know anything about each other. How can this situation be remedied? Try to get acquainted in social networks first. If you have already moved, you can try to find a job in such positions as: journalist, teacher, social worker, photographer, videographer. These are the ones that interact with people the most, which will allow you to make acquaintances quickly. If you have a dog, it’s easy to find buddies among dog owners. As another example, sign up for classes, find classes in town for your interests, or start traveling.
  3. Loss of possessions. A problem that usually affects women. On the one hand, it is a pity to throw away things, on the other hand – to pack everything, including an old set, carpets from Soviet times, hand-painted paintings and other things, is quite expensive, because you have to order large vans. Some transportation companies do not guarantee the safety of property. Fragile items in transit are often broken and lose their original appearance. In order not to spoil the move to another city by spoiling the property, it is necessary to follow the rules of packing items for different purposes.
  • put clothes in bags and sign each bag;
  • easy-to-break dishes and furnishings in cardboard boxes, wrapping each item in cloth, special wrapping paper or, at the very least, newspaper;
  • to avoid breaking appliances, place them in styrofoam or bubble wrap, depending on their size;
  • sofa, bed, closets, and other bulky furniture disassemble into small pieces and elements to make moving them around easier.

Avoiding a lot of problems will certainly help you with a moving company. For example, if you are moving from Boston to Chicago, the best company would be This moving company will help you organize your move as quickly and safely as possible, and instead of stress, your move will turn into an enjoyable experience.

  1. A change in living conditions. After acquiring a home, there may be a feeling that the old house or apartment was more familiar. The absence of comfort, the feeling of “home” is accompanied by anxiety and reluctance to spend free time at home. Indeed, a new house or apartment is hard to call home, even if it is your first home. Nevertheless, there is good news: the frustration associated with moving to a permanent place of residence is perfectly treatable over time.
  2. Experienced designers of construction companies, came to the conclusion that it is possible to create comfort in a new apartment without large expenses. To achieve maximum comfort, it is necessary:
  • Keep it clean. A daily damp cleaning will create a fresh effect in the room and will not take much time.
  • Pay attention to interior details. Patterned curtains, original beautiful dishes, bright cushions, warm plaids and photo cards lift the mood and create warmth in the house.
  • Hang pictures, collages of photos, paste photo wallpaper. Let the children smile at you from the walls, and huge landscapes, so fashionable the last couple of years, will brighten up the unremarkable wall.
  • Ventilate the room. Unpleasant smells in the first place repel guests and create unpleasant associations with the dwelling and its owners. In addition to opening windows every day, you can buy or make your own scents, such as sachets of dried herbs and citrus peels, scented sticks and fragrance stones, diffusers and candles.

A responsible and serious approach to moving to another city will help you avoid most of these problems. Additional information about the livability of communities can be obtained from the results of studies of thematic agencies and reputable portals.

Tips from psychologists

  1. Don’t doubt your decision. Don’t be intimidated by your lack of confidence and sense of control-it’s natural when it comes to moving to another city. No matter what happens, you should see the move as a life experience or search for you and your family.
  2. Prepare the ground. If you do not have relatives in a foreign city, psychologists advise to find acquaintances in social networks or on city portal forums before the move. This will serve as a kind of emotional support.
  3. Strengthen your health. Exercise cardio, yoga, walk a lot. Physical activity helps to cope with stress much more effectively than any medicine.
  4. Pay off debts. Before you leave, make sure you pay off all your debts. Make sure you don’t owe any taxes, utilities or fines. Also remember that you may have borrowed money from neighbors or relatives – then it’s time to pay them back. This way you can make the move easier on yourself mentally.
  5. Be open to change. Whatever the situation and whatever the desire to move to another city, don’t “burn all your bridges.” Don’t rule out the possibility that life in a new place may not work out, so have family and friends waiting for you at home, who will be happy to welcome you back.