Are you thinking of selling your photo prints? If yes, then you are not alone, every artist and photographer wants to sell their prints and wants to reach a new audience.

Whether you want to sell artwork online, in store, or at art fairs, a lot of research as well as planning is required. There is definitely a market for every type of photography be it street photography, landscape photography, fine art or any other type.

You only need to know about those marketplace and need to sell the prints on the right platform like

Let’s discuss a few tips on how to sell your artwork!

An official website for your art


Creating an official website for your art is the most pioneer step towards commercializing your art. While making a website for your photo prints, you must keep the following things in mind:

  • You must write a blog on your website. The Whole Story behind your work. How did you think of starting it in the first place, your emotions, your hard work, and the journey of your learning?
  • All this can be done through beautiful writing, pictures, or videos. Showing videos of your team, how you work, how you created the art, and the whole journey. This builds up trust in the minds of buyers and a connection with your website.
  • Your brand name and logo is the most prominent decision. It would help if you felt connected to the name of your endeavour, and it should signify the genre of the art.
  • Brand name and logo should be noticing, self-explanatory yet straightforward.
  • Websites should be hassle-free, precise, and impressive to look at. It must be immensely customer-friendly.

Put up your work in local fairs and exhibitions


Attending the local art fair and exhibitions will increase your contacts in this field. Socialize with local artisans, increase your sales knowledge, and mention your website and social media accounts. This will surely give you recognition.

Spread your business cards and pictures to people present there. Ask people to review your work on the internet who just bought your thing.

Also, ask them to post the photo and tag your social media handles or website link. These local offline relationships will help you a lot. By making connections with local artists you can reach a new audience and can promote your prints.

Social Media Marketing


Social media marketing is a vast field. You have to manage it very efficiently. According to your target audience, you must create business accounts on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. The key to successful social media marketing is:

  • Could you not do it alone? Engage your team. Be very active on these platforms, reply to questions, comments, solve the issues very actively. Ask the social media customers to review the purchase on their handles and tag you.
  • Place occasional sales, offer perks to first buyers, and frequent buyers to engage more people. While uploading the artwork on these platforms, make sure you write a good description as well for every art piece.
  • Time to time update information about restocking of products and what are you making and going live and doing random question answers. Asking customers for their valuable feedback and areas for improvement.

Keep in touch with interior designers


Get engaged with interior designers and ask them to install your art in their gallery. There are numerous online art shopping websites and apps which have a collection of all types of art. Selling your work through these apps and interior designers will give your sales a considerable increase.

Paid advertisements


This doesn’t just need to be on social media. Widen the horizon of your work with google ads. This will make sure that you are displayed on top of the search results on any search engine. You can also pay local vendors for advertising your artwork. Also, SEO is a great way to promote the prints on a large level.

Participate in art competitions


If you feel like just going out of the box and doing something unique, participate in competitions.
If you are an artist, of course, you will love the aura of the place and enjoy it.

Many online art websites and personalities will observe your name in the competition, introducing you to your niche.

Present your art, and many people will recognize you, and they will check your gallery and online content. If you win, your work will be promoted through newspapers and social media.

Focus on offline marketing


You have to expand your contacts, talk to people, and be kind to them to spread your business. Promote it through newspapers And magazines. Meet like-minded people and explore new strategies.

Ask your friends, relatives to promote your business by talking to people about your work and promising them the best quality purchase.

You can give business cards to neighbors and friends, pin them to public bulletin boards, and slip them into relevant magazines.

Speak up at events you attend and promote your work by assuring quality. Reaching out to people who are more comfortable with offline ways is equally important.

Maintain quality


People want to buy quality photo prints like these to decorate the home. You must put your soul into this arena and deliver the best artwork to them. The Quality of the art is not just merely the art.

It is your whole persona; you’re dealing with clients, your social media response, handling the unsatisfied customer, your packaging, and this entire process should be of quality.

Final Words

To sum up, there are a whole lot of new ways to kickstart your journey. Offline marketing, social marketing, social networking sites, exhibitions, and fairs, paid promotions, and what more.

All you have to do is take a little expert advice, and gradually, the audience will build faith in you. Once you have become popular and have enough funds, increase your promotion and maintain excellent work.