Anxiety can be difficult to navigate which is why a lot of products are in the market that claim to help. Weighted blankets are one of them. Typically, just enveloping yourself in a blanket or getting tucked into bed feels very calming. People often feel comfortable with blankets layered on top of each other adding some weight. It feels like a warm hug and gives a very satisfactory feeling.

But does weight actually matter? Yes, it does. As compared to light blankets, weighted blankets are significantly helpful in providing comfort for people with anxiety. This article will be dealing with the major ways in which a weighted blanket can actually help with anxiety.


Makes The Body Calm

People with anxiety are often battling with constant nervousness about impending activities. This causes a lot of problems as it triggers the fight and flight response of the body. Many people with anxiety fidget with their hands or move their legs up and down because they cannot sit still. If you need more information on what can help with anxiety and related symptoms, there are many resources available on the internet, like this website.

There in word overthinking is shown through their bodies visiting responses which needs to be stopped to reduce stress. Weighted blankets work like a warm hug because they are telling a body to stop moving and stay still. This gives the signal that the autonomic nervous system needs to come down and rest for a while. When the body is forced to lay still the heart rate automatically goes down and creates a sense of calmness which helps the person with anxiety software thoughts out in a more productive manner.

The best part is that weighted blankets do not need to be used only before sleeping. Any person with anxiety can lie beneath a weighted blanket during the day while they are working because it will give them an overall sense of mental peace.


Helps with Sleep

A common symptom of anxiety is overthinking and spiralling into the worst-case scenarios. This leads to problems in sleeping and causes sleep disorders. A weighted blanket is not only there to help with the autonomic nervous system but it also helps prevent the possibility of getting a sleep disorder.

Basically, the sense of safety one had as a child when being talked into the bed is mimicked by a weighted blanket. Since the brain is tricked into feeling safe it can reduce its overthinking and be more focused on resting. So if one’s overthinking is directly impacting their sleep routine, weighted blankets can help calm the body which will trigger the brain into thinking less and resting more.

People with insomnia can also use weighted blankets because it makes the body come and take the mind away from any biological response other than resting. Since both the heart rate and breathing comes down to normal one will be able to monitor their response and find a way to reduce stress with the help of these blankets. These lands are also great in regular situations that can be significant stressors in day-to-day life.


Reduces Symptoms of Depression

Taking care of a person with fragile mental health means providing them with a safe space. A weighted blanket works as a question between the person and the world and keeps the negative thoughts at bay by triggering a physical response. If the body is forced to rest without fidgeting the fight and flight response will not be triggered.

Since the body will not feel in a nervous state, one will be able to come down and reflect on the situation and how to best deal with it. Reduction of the symptoms of depression is one of the benefits because if it is helping with anxiety it will also help with depression because overthinking works the same way. The main combat with weighted blankets is towards negative thoughts and the environmental situation that is triggering it.


How Do They Help?

There have been numerous studies that dealt with weighted blankets and their impact on adolescents, adults and other control groups. A study showed that weighted blankets worked well with people who were showing significant symptoms of anxiety and depression. The control group which used weighted blankets showed a significant decrease in their symptoms as compared to the people who did not.

Another study was conducted on adolescents who were undergoing a molar extraction. Getting a tooth removed is a very painful process and leads to a lot of anxiety before the procedure. Adolescents were put under weighted blankets during the procedure in this study.

Surprisingly, the adolescents with weighted blankets showed less anxiety during the procedure as compared to the control group that did not use any additional reinforcements. A reason behind why this happened is because weighted blankets work to reduce the heart rate. Painful medical procedures often work to increase the blood pressure of the patient and cause them to be nervous about the possible complications.

Using weighted blankets during anxiety-inducing situations help researchers understand the extent to which these blankets can help. One also needs to understand that they are very different from normal blankets as they are designed to carry some significant weight. That being said, they should not be too heavy because it will cause the opposite effect.


The Takeaway

We hope that this article was able to answer your questions about weight and blankets and their use in anxiety. Many times people try not to take medications for this condition as there is a lot of stigma attached to it. Reinforcements like weighted blankets are solutions without requiring a lot of commitment.

Minor symptoms can be abated with the use of this alternative which is why many people are investing in it. However, sometimes you might need medical consultation to make your mental health better. Do not hesitate to contact a professional and get adequate help if needed.