The Monstercat family is at it again, and with a tyrannical vengeance. Gathering some of their fan favorites from the past two months along with some fresh releases, this album delivers the best the Canadian label has to offer. First being teased a few days ago with the release of a mix titled \”Tyranny\”, the darker, harder hitting side of the Monstercat family is brought out with songs built by the Snails and Pegboard Nerds collabo, Droptek and Ramesses B just to name a few. That mix is down below, give it a gander.

[youtube id=\”TI8K5rYVYVw\”]

Then, just earlier today, another album mix titled \”Supremacy\” was put out, highlighting what I like to call the signature \”Monstercat Future Bass\” scene. Producers like Conro, Laszlo and Anevo show out with their upbeat and dreamy vibes. Check those tunes out below.

[youtube id=\”KAWLbDvedYQ\”]

The same day, at midnight pacific time, the official collaboration album \”Uproar\” was released worldwide, and twelve hours later, Monstercat officially announced that their album was #1 on the iTunes US Dance Album Charts, and is still making moves through the charts worldwide. Wanting to check it out for yourself and see what all the hype is about? Check out the official Monstercat bandcamp here! Happy listening!