She may only have a couple releases to her name, but Kiiara has quickly gained traction as one of the most frequently remixed artists as of late. This time, its Chicago\’s own Milk N\’ Cooks joining forces with their fellow Illinoisan on her low key hit, \”Tennessee.\” The duo successfully flips the moodiness of the original into uplifting positivity in this future style remix. While this remix embraces a markedly different sound compared to any of their previous releases, we\’re glad it didn\’t deter the Milk N\’ Cooks brothers from putting it out there.

“This is something very different than our usual style but we are really happy with how it turned out.” I’ll raise a glass of Hennessy and cheers to that!\” – Milk N\’ Cooks

If the track\’s trajectory is any indication, it seems a lot of people would second that. \”Tennessee\” has been charting on Hypem, so if you\’re feeling it I know these guys would appreciate the hometown love. Preview and support the Milk N\’ Cooks remix of Kiiara\’s \”Tennessee\” now!