Back in May, Australian duo Midnight Pool Party released their highly anticipated second EP MOTIONS, which set dance floors ablaze all around the world with its infectious disco/dance/funk sounds, and this week the boys are coming back with even more heat with their MOTIONS REMIXED.

Midnight Pool Party have teamed up with Dugong Jr, Anoraak, LEFTI, Charlie Crown, and Bokeh, having each of them rework one track from the enigmatic MOTIONS EP, giving their chosen track a little touch of their own signature flavor and taking MOTIONS into a whole new realm of electronic sounds.

Speaking on his own track (“With You”), Charlie Crown says “I fell in love with the vocals the first time I heard the track and knew that they needed to be the focal point of the remix. In order to cater to them, I tried to approach the production by adding in more ambient elements and simultaneously enhancing the energetic arrangement by incorporating my own sound.”