Following the news that rocked the Texas region last month, the minds behind EDC Las Vegas & Lollapalooza have continued to wet our pallets with more exciting preview into what to expect out of the first-annual Middlelands event.

Today, the event companies released some aerial sneak preview footage of the entire festival grounds, located in Todd Mission, Texas. In case you have no idea where that is either, think the southeastern-most part of the Great State, halfway between Texas A&M University and Greater Houston. It seems Insomniac & C3 Presents are expecting to draw a very large crowd if they are situating the three-day festival so close to a large international airport hub.

All we\’ve known so far is that the festival will include four days of camping, 3 days of music across five stages, and a medieval theme of epic proportions. This event is sure to feature top talent line-up and a diverse range of artists from all over the map, considering the sheer sized events that these powerhouse production companies have pull off in the past.

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