Sleepy Tom, an up-and-coming Canadian producer and one of the best underrated talents in the Electronic / Future / Deep House entourage, has released his official remix to Martin Solveig & GTA\’s \”Intoxicated\”, and boy is it a work of art. Despite being a 50/50 release with many people, Sleepy Tom actually created a unique masterpiece with this remix and definitely pushed boundaries to create his own spin on the already popular Future and Deep House sounds. Mashing it up with the Intoxicated vocals makes it a hell of a lot better, but this remix is one for the books. Thankfully, the track still maintains its original old-school and indie electronic vibe, but with a great twist that you\’ll love. The track is available now via Beatport, and you can check out the entire Sleepy Tom remix, as well some other staple tracks of his, below.

Martin Solveig & GTA – Intoxicated (Sleepy Tom Remix) | Beatport