MAKJ and Max Styler, two gifted producers from San Luis Obispo, California have joined forces to create their newest collaboration \’Knock Me Down\’, and it deserves endless listens from you this weekend.

\’Knock Me Down\’ delivers an engaging symphony with energetic melodies that will get the blood in your ears pumping to the beat. And with the uniquely moving voice of Elayna Boynton, the singer of the hit Django Unchained soundtrack \’Freedom\’ guiding the way, this collab is nothing short of an emotionally driving composition.

MAKJ and Max Styler have both been paving their own lanes through the competitive contemporary music scene, and \’Knock Me Down\’ is demonstrative of their expanding productional talents that will have you eager and ready to tackle life.

Tune in to this powerful collaboration below and keep an eye out for these guys\’ names.