Today, RAM Records released the Jaguar Skills & Chords collaboration \’Lust\’ featuring Matti Roots. Looking at the end result, the pairing up of the mysterious ninja with the musical jack-of-all-trades is a perfect match. The feel-good funky Drum & Bass tune has been dominating playlists for a while now and will probably keep doing that for a long time to come. The full release includes remixes by \’Break\’ and \’Monstro\’ plus the instrumental version.

I spoke with the London based producer Chords about the release, working with Jaguar Skills and the accompanying video.

How did you get into making Drum & Bass?

I got into drum and bass through my older brother, who was really into jungle. I liked what he listened to and that slowly evolved into my own discovery of dnb by the time I was 15 or so. Trying my own hand at it came a year later.

What inspired you and Jaguar Skills when producing \’Lust\’?

I just wanted to get a real summer warm sound out of it. Something that was clean and not too complicated, so the vocal could shine through.

How was it working with the turntable ninja?

Great fun! He\’s very creative and is constantly coming up with ideas, so the synergy came quickly and creating the finished track together was enjoyable.

Was it hard finding the perfect vocalist for the track?

The actual catalyst of the track came from Matti himself, the vocal idea he had used in one of his solo tracks. Jag tried to remix it and sent me that, when I felt we could completely rewrite this into something of its own. We came up with a new riff and melody, and Matti re-recorded his vocal to suit the new beat. The track grew from there!

Did you guys have any influence in the production process of the accompanying video?

A bit, I had some ideas, and you may or may not have noticed a couple of stray ninja masks in the video…

\’Lust\’ is out now on Beatport.