Diplo, Yellow Claw, Waka Flocka Flame & LNY TNZ have made a powerful music video highlighting the consumption, distribution, and production of drugs used at EDM related events. The video follows a storyline of drug dealers and their manipulative reckless charisma. It also shows how easy it is for any individual to take a drug and how quickly it can kill them. Having such highly recognized artists speak out against this sort of thing can be an extremely large step in the right direction and bring even more light to the fact that drugs are truly not worth it. The electronic dance music scene is heavily associated with the use of MDMA, but now a days,

\”Someone who buys or takes Molly now is probably ingesting dangerous synthetic drugs that have not been tested and are produced in widely varying strengths. The DEA says only 13% of the Molly seized in New York state the last four years actually contained any MDMA, and even then it often was mixed with other drugs. The drugs frequently found in Molly are Methylone, MDPV, 4-MEC, 4-MMC, Pentedrone and MePP.\”

These statistics were found on CNN Health, which also had a slew of other interesting facts regarding the dangers of MDMA. It is actually quite frightening to think about. What I am trying to say here is spend 3 minutes and 33 seconds and watch the video and think about it next time you\’re at a concert, rave, party, etc.