After making their relationship public several weeks ago, both Zedd and Selena Gomez fans have been raving for the day that their rumored collaboration would drop. Alas, the time has come. Their new single, titled \”I Want You To Know\”, is a brand new song which was produced by Zedd and vocals by Selena, obviously. Zedd\’s flairs are visible throughout the entire song, and it\’s a definitely good start for what\’s to come. Other than that, Selena has fantastic vocals which really help the drop pop, as with all of Zedd tracks. The drop isn\’t as hard-hitting as some fans would have liked, however, it\’s bound to be a major hit on the charts – it\’s not everyday two of the most popular artists from two different genres join forces to make a \”mega-song\”. Nonetheless, the song is great and both Zedd & SG fans will definitely be pleased. The track hits iTunes tomorrow, February 23rd, however, you can stream it in its entirety below.

Now available on iTunes