Holy Ship set sail for it\’s 4th voyage since 2012 and still has the ability to surprise it\’s attendees years later.

The first surprise was when they made the announcement that this year\’s cruise would be sailing twice; once in January and the other in February.  The second surprise was an unexpected visit from DJ/producer Kaskade during Skrillex\’s set which \”brought the crazy trip to a whole other level of epic-ness\” according to a fan on Twitter.  It seems like the two DJs enjoy performing alongside each other as this isn\’t their first B2B set.  Back in December of last year, Skrillex made a surprise visit during Kaskade\’s Redux show at Pier 36 in New York City.  Unlike the positive feedback from Kaskade\’s appearance on Holy Ship, fans seemed to have mixed feelings during his Redux show with the unexpected visit from Skrillex.

Unfortunately, full length videos of this awesome night in the middle of the Bahamas have not surfaced yet, but I\’m sure some will appear within the next couple of days thanks to the power of social media.  It will be interesting to see how long the actual set lasted given all the traveling that had to take place for Kaskade to make this happen.  He shared a video on his Instagram of proving so.