Chris Siegel continues to heat up the summer with a fresh smash entitled ‘Anybody.’ The track showcases the producer’s talent for juxtaposition by layering heavy and heartfelt vocals from lulunah with a vibrant warm-weather inspired backdrop. The opposing dynamics combine for a sound that’s emotionally gripping and addictive while still feeling upbeat and optimistic. ‘Anybody’ is the perfect follow-up to their last collaboration ‘I Can’t’ which was released in October of last year. Whether you’re looking to dance the day away or get lost in the feels ‘Anybody’ is just what you need. 

“Emotionally, I want to convey a mix of both sadness and happiness. Lyrically, the song is reflecting upon the unfortunate but necessary decision to move on from a relationship. And although it should have been “anybody but you,” the departure is a necessary action for both parties to grow. These actions can obviously be heavy and hard, but the overarching theme here is taking control of your life and happiness. That’s where the instrumental comes in — I wanted to counteract some of the heavy lyrics with some joyfulness and optimism.” – Chris Siegel