Los Angeles-based producer Xavage continues his mission to bring the dance back into EDM with a groovy new trap banger entitled ‘Make It Rain’. Entrancing synths slide under catchy and irresistible vocals in the song’s intro creating anticipation. When the first drop hits, it’s a 100 bpm trap heater with driving percussion. The second half sees Xavage taking advantage of the tempo leveraging hip-hop and reggaeton rhythmic patterns for a freaked second drop that will make your jaw and hips drop. ‘Make It Rain’ is like a red ‘67 Mustang Convertible; timeless, effortlessly sexy and striking without being over the top. Take this one out for a test drive. 

“I would just like to remind people of the purpose about the Xavage project. It’s all about putting DANCE back into EDM. I truly do believe a lot of EDM producers nowadays are more concerned with impressing other producers rather than actual fans causing more brain melting music and less groove/rhythm based music.

I strive to make electronic trap music that is bumpable in multiple scenarios. Whether you have the rooftop down driving down the coast, pre-gaming with the squad before the club, or find yourself at a festival, this song is perfect for you.” – Xavage