There has been an Awakening.

It\’s hard to believe that Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be finally opening in theaters exactly one month from now after several years of hype. It\’s been ten years since a Star Wars film was last released in theaters, so in addition to causing a collective freak out among life-long fans, this new release will also open up the younger generation to the franchise for the first time, and everything from the special effects to the storytelling (and, hopefully, the notoriously atrocious dialogue and cut scenes) will be given the 2015 treatment.  Meanwhile, Paris\’ very own reptilian producer DJ Snake took the modernization of the franchise into his own hands and produced an EDM remix of the classic John Williams score to be featured in a HP commercial.  There\’s no word on a release date for the full track, but it had better be soon so we can hear the rest of this deliciously geeky bass.  Check out the video below, if you can fit your earbuds underneath your Princess Leia cinnamon-bun wig you\’ve been wearing since the film was announced, ya nerds.