The world was awakened last weekend with a tragedy that will be never forgotten. The aftermaths of what has occurred in Paris did not only affect the people of France, but everyone around the world. Many artists have shown their grief in regards to the Paris attacks. It goes to show that with events like these, all we can do is fight for whats right and support each other during this time of anguish.

When it comes to France EDM wise, we are forever thankful for the French partners we know as, Daft Punk. The duo started the French house movement around the 1990s. Then proceeded to release their ever so popular song, \”Around The World\” in 1997. Although it may have never been seen as a sentimental tune, the song is a great fit for a recent tribute video that was released on Youtube.

The tribute video displays the perfect picture of how humanity is standing with Paris from parts all \”around the world.\” Nothing but heartache for the people who have lost their lives over the weekend and their loved ones who have to go through this tragedy.

Pray for Paris.