After hyping up this live stream for the past week, Krewella finally took to their Twitch channel tonight to stream their brand new song, entitled \”Say Goodbye\”, and are releasing the track for free via their website. As you may remember, all of Krewella\’s social media pages lit up this past week with a cryptic message that said \”Say Goodbye\”, leaving everyone in the dark about what was going on, many assumed that the former trio would be no more. Alas, we have a new Krewella song and it\’s actually not that bad. For a post-Kris Trindl song, the production isn\’t half bad – it\’s safe to say that they most likely wouldn\’t use a song they all produced together. However, Krewella\’s new song, \”Say Goodbye\” is available for download below, and a stream will be linked shortly.

Krewella – Say Goodbye | Free Download