Another week, another round up of top picks from Skrillex\’s iPod.

Sonny has the magic touch when it comes to finding the next big thing. During the last 10 weeks, his Selections have funneled thousands of listeners to up-and-coming tracks that might have slipped under the radar otherwise. Racking up heaps of plays on Soundcloud, these playlists have quickly become a major deciding factor in the weekly tide of dance music.

This week is no exception, as Skrillex has posted another whopper of a compilation. It starts off with Habstrakt\’s fresh remix of MUST DIE!\’s \”Hellcat\”, a festival-worthy electro banger that unites the worlds of deep house, dubstep, and trap into a track that\’s sure to be a classic soon enough. Also included are two smooth, R&B-influenced tracks by Schoolboy Q and Branchez, breathing some soul into an otherwise hard-hitting list.

If you\’re looking to fill your drum n\’ bass fix, look no further than Teddy Killerz\’ \”Ragga Bomb\” rework sitting at the #4 spot. Rounding off the playlist is Ghastly and Mija\’s \”Biggie Bounce\” flip. Easily my favorite in the group, this track is an undeniable trap anthem, complete with chopped vocals and heavy, brass stings.

Take a listen to Skrillex\’s picks below: