After just recently settling down in his new $5 million Ontario mansion, Deadmau5 ups the ante by making an even more ambitious purchase. This time, it involves a 45,000 square foot studio complex just down the street from his home. To put this into perspective, his new mansion, pictured below, is 14,000 square feet. Needless to say this studio will be massive, and will put a portion of his 118 acre estate to good use.


Presumably, the studio will be used by both the Mau5 and his label musicians as a creative hub rooted in collaboration. This concept, though ambitious, is not a revolutionary one. In fact, just last year Skrillex purchased an 11,000 square foot building in the Chinatown area of Los Angeles for his producers who would normally work strictly from a laptop, but could benefit from state of the art studio resources. The philosophy is simple: bring the talent to one location, and creativity will follow.

\”We have our own team and our label\’s going to be in there, building an actual physical infrastructure. Up until a couple months ago my team was all over the world, and everything was by email, but I think people tend to forget that when everyone\’s in the same room, everything goes 50 times faster. Ideas keep pouring out, and you get a lot more done.\” -Skrillex

Check out Deadmau5\’s announcement of the future studio plans below:

where im putting EDM money. less club gigs, a few epic stage shows, a 45,000sqft studio complex for actual musicians.

— deadmau5 (@deadmau5) November 22, 2014