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Prepaid cards are one of the most common cashless payment methods people use to pay their bills and make everyday purchases. It is more exciting to know that prepaid cards are standard banking options available at most online casinos.

Gambling platforms allow their members to fund their casino account with prepaid cards because of the high level of security they offer. Several online gamblers have also made prepaid cards their number one banking option due to their fast transactions and low or no transaction charges. The cards also come with zero liability protection in case they get stolen.

Several payment networks are providing prepaid cards. Depending on where you are based, you will be able to use quite a few to gamble online. However, some cards have a global reach and are acceptable at most online casinos in the world. An example of these globally recognized cards is Visa cards.

Visa cards come in the form of credit cards, debit cards, prepaid and gift cards. The million-dollar question is, which of these cards is good for online gambling?

We recommend you to check this guide for Visa Gift Cards at online casinos, that cover everything you need to know about Visa cards and other prepaid cards available for gambling online. You will also learn about using prepaid cards at top visa online casinos and other casinos that accept credit cards.

What prepaid cards can I use for online gambling?

Finding casinos that take prepaid cards is not always a big task because several casinos online support deposits with prepaid cards. However, deciding which prepaid card is good for online gambling sometimes constitutes a problem. This is because we have several prepaid cards, but not all are generally accepted by online casinos.

Here is a list of top prepaid cards that you can use to gamble online.

Visa Prepaid Card

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Founded in 1958, the Visa payment solution has stood the test of time to be rated as one of the best and most common payment systems today. Rarely will you find an online casino that doesn’t accept any Visa prepaid cards.

There are several reasons why this Prepaid card is highly accepted by both casino operators and players alike. Firstly, online casinos feature it as a viable payment method because of the card provider’s experience and positive reputation.

Besides, Visa cards come with extra security features and strategies that prevent fraud. For instance, some Visa prepaid cards have EMV chips embedded on the card’s front.

Players prefer visa gambling at online casinos because of its speed and absence of overdraft or additional charges.

More about Visa casinos and different options that are available, visit here.

American Express Prepaid Card


Regardless of the name, American Express is an online payment system that is available all over the world. You will also find a long list of online gambling platforms accepting AMEX prepaid cards.

The main reason why AMEX enjoys this much patronage from online casinos and players is that they are a reputable and elite credit company. Getting an AMEX card to gamble online is also easy and straightforward. There is usually no credit check, and you don’t need to tender your bank account information.

American Express offers fast and secure transactions and a wide range of card options to choose from. One of them is AMEX gift cards, which you can use at online casinos that take gift cards.

Play+ Prepaid Card

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Play+ is another reputable payment solution widely recognized and accepted by online gambling sites. Due to its high success rate, the PlayPlus prepaid card is being utilized by thousands of online United States gamblers. The Play+ Prepaid card has some positive talking points that make it a viable option for gambling online.

It offers a quick and secure way to deposit in your casino account. Some online casinos also reward you with bonuses when you deposit with a Play+ prepaid card at their casinos. Another perk of this prepaid card is that you will be able to use it to withdraw your funds from the casino at no additional cost.

With a PlayPlus prepaid card, you would be able to bypass any domestic restriction your bank may place on online gambling transactions. Rather than using your credit cards directly, you can fund your Play+ card and then use the card to deposit at the casino. It is no wonder Play+ has a large following among gamblers in the United States.

Neteller Prepaid Card

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Having been around since 1999, Neteller has risen among the ranks to be identified as a leading payment service. The Neteller Prepaid card is connected to a digital wallet, and you can easily use it to deposit and withdraw funds at the casino.

Neteller prepaid cards come with several security measures to guarantee the safety of their users’ funds and information. Some of them include 128-bit encryption and anti-fraud protection. Transactions with Neteller Prepaid cards are also fast and do not incur extra charges from the casino.

When you use a Neteller card for transactions, you will earn points that can be converted to real money in the long run.

A worthy mention to the list is Mastercard. As a result of its secure and efficient payment system, you would find many casinos that accept MasterCard.

Can you use Visa gift cards for online gambling?

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Yes, several online casinos take gift cards. However, most online casinos that accept gift cards would advise you to read the small print of your gift card before purchasing. This is because some gift cards do not support international use, and if the site is not based in the country where you purchased the online casino Visa gift card, it might not work.

Most online casinos that support Visa gift cards would also accept payment from Visa prepaid cards.


Whether you are interested in gambling at a MasterCard casino or playing an online poker visa, the fact is that prepaid cards help contribute to your overall secure and exciting gambling experience.

Leading prepaid cards like Neteller, Play+, AMEX, and Visa have several pros that make them great for gambling online.

They come with secure encryption and fraud protection. They are fast, and transactions with them do not incur overdraft charges. These are good enough reasons for you to start using prepaid and gift cards for gambling online.