Online casinos and land based venues have been a top attraction for millions of players all over the world. Not only do these appeal to casual players, but you will find that many popular musicians have enjoyed gambling over the years. With the offering of online casinos, it is now easier than ever to engage in real money play. Today, some of the top musicians in the industry spend some of their free time enjoying leading games at licensed and regulated sites.

Gambling is a great hobby for many successful musicians. Since these people have some extra money to spend, they can often be found taking seats at online poker games and enjoying other online real money selections. Let’s take a look at some of the great musicians that enjoy spending a little time trying their luck on leading casino games.

Lemmy Kilmister from Motorhead

Source: The Independent

The singer and bassist for Motorhead is a huge fan of gambling. This comes as no surprise since Motorhead is actually featured on one of the latest music-themed slot games from NetEnt! Lemmy not only enjoys the thrills of cad games like blackjack and poker but he is also an avid fan of slot games. One of the songs from the band, titles Ace of Spades, has many card game references. Lemmy claims the song refers to card games since it was more difficult to create a rock song about slots!

P Diddy

Source: Newsweek

This rapper and songwriter is perhaps one of the most famous modern musicians. Not only is he famous for his musical creations, but for also having multiple name changes during his career. This artist is best known for his skills at the blackjack tables. He was asked to play in an opening concert at Harrah’s in Atlantic City in 2002 and was the first person at the casino to place a bet on the new blackjack tables that had been added. Even today, P Diddy receives many invitations to celebrity blackjack tournaments and can be found playing in his spare time at leading online casinos. He is such a fan of blackjack that he even sets up blackjack tables at his shows behind the stage so he can enjoy a few rounds before performing.


Source: Billboard

Nelly is another big name in the music industry and he is also a songwriter and actor. Aside from his career in music, this performer is also a well-known and regarded casino game player. He is a poker player that is often found playing at top-rated online Poker rooms. In 2007, the performer took a seat at the main event of the World Series of Poker and has traveled around the world to sit in on poker tournaments. Some of the events he has been found playing in include the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure and the PokerStars European Poker Tour.

Nelly has admitted to playing for many hours online at the popular poker rooms operating. He also has multiple accounts at online casino sites and does enjoy other card and table games. If you are like Nelly and enjoy the thrills of various games, be sure to check out the hundreds of online casino games for real money play and top payouts.

Harry Styles

Source: Cosmopolitan

Like many younger people, Harry is one that enjoys the occasional thrill of playing casino games. His favorite game is Blackjack and he has been seen at popular casinos around the world enjoying the game. He is also an avid online player and has accounts at multiple casino sites that offer variations of blackjack. In 2012, Styles was denied entry to a casino in Las Vegas due to being under the drinking age. Now that he is older, and a bit wiser, he enjoys the action in Sin City frequently when not on tour. Take a seat at some of the blackjack tables at leading casinos and you may just be playing with one of the hottest musicians!

Scott Ian

Source: Wikipedia

Scott may be best known for being the founding member of Anthrax, but he is also considered a professional poker player. When he is not playing guitar or performing, he is usually playing poker. After he learned to play the game on the road, he started to sharpen his skills and strategies on the professional poker circuit. In 2006, he played in a charity poker tournament and this cemented his intense passion for the game. Since then, Scott has competed in many World Series Poker tours and he even hosts an online home game on the site that used to be known as UltimateBet.

Not Always A Winner


Musicians have the bankroll and the extra time to spend gambling and many find playing casino games to be a great stress reducer. While a number of popular musicians have done quite well playing casino games online and at land venues, there have been some major losses along the way as well.

Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson is a popular rapper that is no stranger to gambling. In fact, he wagered over $1 million on Floyd Mayweather when he fought Oscar de la Hoya. He has also placed thousands on other sports bets over the years. While he has won some, he admits to having a gambling problem and suffering some major losses over the years.

Jay Z is another performer who loves to gamble and enjoys spending free time playing poker. We believe he would be better to stick with his day job as a musician! He has lost over $500,000 in single hands of blackjack and poker while playing in Vegas and admits to losing thousands regularly while engaging in online gambling at poker rooms and online casinos.

The glamourous and rich life of a musician is one that may envy, but many of these performers look for ways to escape reality and de-stress. They often turn to gambling. With some wins and some losses, these musicians are still at it and can be found playing at many sites regularly and entering large poker tournaments around the world.