jvst say yes

Hands down one of the biggest names coming up is mystery artist JVST SAY YES! They\’ve been steadily releasing banging remixes and originals of their own variety of bass-heavy house, but just today they\’ve topped it all with their massive collab\’d out EP, JVST FRIENDS VOL 1.

This four-track EP features monster tunes with huge names like Ephwurd, Habstrakt, Virtual Riot, and Dubloadz. Each track excellently complements the collaborators\’ sounds with JVST SAY YES\’s unique brand of groovy yet dirty house.

I reached out to JVST SAY YES for a few words about their sound. Here\’s what they said!

It\’s a really interesting time for music right now, subgenres seem to come/go/change on a weekly basis so it\’s easy to get lost in an endless game of bandwagon jumping, whether consciously or not. It\’s for this reason I never really got onboard with trap or big room house or a lot of the other things that have been around over the last few years (I\’m formerly mostly known for making Dubstep).

However, when this US-flavoured take on bass house started emerging I instantly got the vibe and it felt pretty natural to me right off the bat. I\’m LA-based but originally from the UK and the way that a lot of different styles meet are a great match for both my taste and production style, so it kind of just happened spontaneously and JVST SAY EYS was born!


Pick up JVST FRIENDS VOL 1. via Disciple Recordings on Beatport! For more by JVST SAY YES, check out their Soundcloud for their incredible mixes, original tracks, and remixes. I know I\’ll be waiting on the edge of my seat for any impending tours that might be in the future!