Rising up of the Los Angeles underground, Bósa is the latest project from renowned producer Stephan Jacobs and Sunev Lovechild. In 2019 Bósa made a splash in the electronic dance music community and west coast festival culture with their unique and cutting-edge sound that infuses the best parts of house music and electronica with Eastern and Middle Eastern elements.

For their latest release, “Diamond Roads” the duo joined forces with producer Kings, vocalist Neaks, and trumpet player Ben Hovey. To accompany the release of the single, the duo released a carnival-themed music video. The music video takes viewers on a mind-altering, kaleidoscopic, and uplifting journey to Los Angeles’ renowned Santa Monica pier. The mystical narrative and kaleidoscopic imagery are the perfect complements to the exemplary collaborative work

In support of the release of their new music video, I recently had a chance to catch up with Bósa. Check out our interview below.


Where did the concept for the “Diamond Roads” music video come from? 

Bósa: Neaks introduced us to Nir Goldberg, the director of the video and he proposed the idea. We embellished it a bit and we all loved it.


What was your experience filming “Diamond Roads” like? 

Bósa: Quite simple overall, since we shot this video at the Santa Monica Pier and it was quite entertaining. We had a great crew, Ilya, our drone and camera operator was asked to stop flying the drone but luckily that was right after we got all the shots we needed. So it all worked out. To finish we went to our friend Boyd’s rooftop to catch the angel and sky shots. We are lucky to have had access to such amazing footage.


How did you end up collaborating with Kings and Neaks on “Diamond Roads”?

Bósa: Stephan was having a house party. Near the party’s end, we began jamming for fun. The song began with Kings, which laid down the base for the track and vocal idea before we all jumped in and worked on it for countless days. Later on, we invited HoveyKraft to come in on Trumpet.


You recently played an interesting show at Wisdome. Can you please share more about this? 

Bósa: That location and show were quite awesome. It allowed us to begin laying down the foundation of our live show while working with Axon Genesis to create an immersive audiovisual experience that is customized to embody the BÓSA vibe and sound. We are continuing to grow this aspect and look forward to implementing this into more shows in the near future.


How would you describe your sound? 

Bósa: Well, our sound definitely has its unique signature, which we have certainly been growing into while being authentic with what we want to create both for our final tracks and live performances. It’s a fusion of world meets EDM meets deep house and tribal rhythms with dreamy soundscapes. It’s anytime music where you could be at a show raging it or at home just getting work done. We are still uncovering it and feel it will become very prevalent with our next album Modern Vintage.


What are your greatest influences? 

Bósa: We are blessed to be surrounded by so many talented producers that inspire us. This creates a camaraderie that really helps us do our best!


What do you have planned for the future? 

Bósa: We have some really exciting gigs that we are excited about. We are also in the last phase of mixing and mastering our new album “Modern Vintage” with the very talented Seth Drake, getting everything super dialed in. This new album is really amazing and we cannot wait to share it. On November 22 we will release a two-track EP with our awesome new friend Saand called Moondalaon Tierra Sounds Label.


We are extremely excited for 2024!