Jutsice Skolnik started DJing when he was a freshman in high school and hasn’t looked back since. Although he began his career in music ten years ago when he started learning how to play guitar, his focus gravitated to the production of electronic music and had great success with it.

Skolnik was the winner of the ‘How You Love Me Remix Contest’ hosted by legendary producer, 3LAU, in July 2014. His remix was featured on all of 3LAU\’s social media accounts along with various blogs but the real award came in the offer to be included in the official \”How You Love Me Remixes\” EP to be released on iTunes. Skolnik was 17-years-old. Due to his young age he couldn\’t sign the \"jistice\"contract for the offer without his parents\’ consent, which he would never receive, and the opportunity was lost. Even though he won the Remix Contest, he wasn\’t featured on the EP.

With this taste of success, Skolnik wished to dedicate his life to music but also wanted to get into a good college. He ended up enrolling at Northwestern University this year as a freshman but he never lost sight of the dream he nearly had. Skolnik juggles his studies with a hours of music production, further sharpening his skills and creating his own sound.

Skolnik struck gold with his next release, which was a remix of The Weeknd\’s \”Wicked Games\” that reached 284,000 plays on Soundcloud. This young producer from San Francisco is settling into his own genre which can be described as a chill drip hop, trap. This innovative style pairs well with the smooth vocals of the Weeknd, so much so, that Skolnik just remixed, \”Where You Belong\”, another one of the R&B superstar\’s tracks. Experience the chill vibes of Skolnik\’s new track and witness a rising artist try to grab a hold of a dream that previously slipped through his fingers. Enjoy.