There is a king who rules within the dark, treacherous mountains of Gaslk and has a reputation as one of the most merciless rulers in all the land. This king is no ordinary king but the Biggup King, who’s combination of heavy dubstep mixed with an authentic, and signature style that pertains to the king himself; JPhelpz.

Once again, JPhelpz has aggressively radiated his talents within his newest EP – Leveled. Five tracks packed with unique and tasteful melodies that carry the same filthy sound that JPhelpz fans know and love. What I noticed while listening to his EP was the variation of styles that he implemented into each one of his songs.

               Spicy Meatball

This title fits the song perfectly. At 150 bpm’s it’s one spicy tune that opens up this EP in a tasteful fashion. It reminded me of old school Dr. P or Barely Alive when he started getting big however it carries the same JPhelpz feel that his fans known and hunger for. Spicy Meatball is exactly what the headbangers ordered but I’m not sure they were ready for the grime throughout this EP.

               Double 0 7

The beginning build up reminds me of his song Stiff Face which was off of his last EP, Beatdown, however the Double 0 7 drop is cringe worthly….in the greatest way. Riddim vibes thrown in your face and high pitched grinding sound that is just disgustingly pleasant. The triplet notes tie everything all in together making this song one of my favorites on the EP and a must-hear for any fan of heavy bass music.


In a scene polluted with Waka Flocka vocal samples, JPhelpz finally makes it fresh again. Robo-stomps from the RoboZom himself tear through the track and leaves the listener with a stank face and a sore neck. What was surprising to me was the hybrid trap melody after the drop. Heavy nonetheless but it was unexpected coming from JPhelpz.


Woah is right; this song is definitely in my top two favorites within this EP. It’s such a fun song to listen to with a lot of movement that is equally different from every other song on LEVELED. The drop consists of a hybrid trap blended with a deep house vibe. The Biggup King truly shows his talent by implementing so many different types of genres within his EP while keeping it mercilessly heavy.

               Turn It Up

Take the song titles advice, trust me. Out of all five songs on this EP that have different, interesting aspects to them, this final song stays true to the signature JPhelpz. Dubstep through and through, raging vibrantly throughout all 1:40 minutes of the song. 145 bpm’s of back-breaking, skull-crushing, fist-clenching dubstep; a perfect way to level out his EP that leaves its listeners LEVELED.