At the height of his career, LA-based producer Jauz continues to keep fans on their toes with fresh sounds and styles. He initially made his debut with bass house but has successfully dabbled into other genres along the way. Not only has his versatility shined with collaborations like marshmello, Skrillex, and Netsky, but he\’s also been innovative with his solo tracks. This time around, he has taken us to another new place with video games sounds, grimy bass and sensational percussion.

The new single is titled \”The Game.\” From the get-go, it\’s hard to tell what we\’re listening to with a slow, steady beat from a wood block and gloomy vocals. After a classic house drop and the \”first level,\” it\’s clear we\’re in for something special and new. Throughout the track, there are ups and downs and the \”levels\” continue, which could resemble a video game theme or even the day-to-day grind.

All we truly know at this point is that we\’re loving the direction Jauz has taken his sound and we can\’t wait to see what\’s next.

Listen below.