jauz 2015

Dillon Francis has developed a repuatation for releasing massive collaboration projects. Last summer\’s smash hit \’Get Low\’ with DJ Snakewas a festival essential. This Spring, Francis released a collaboration with the Tropical House super star Kygo, titled \’Coming Over\’. Francis has also announced that he has collaborations with Calvin Harris and Skrillex that are yet to be released. Despite the big names on that impressive list of partners, those tracks will have a tough time standing up to the remix Jauz dropped at his set in GoHARD Dallas.

\’Lean on\’ has already established itself as the the top track of the summer, so far. As with any song that gains that much popularity there will be a ton of remixes including this massive big room house remix by Tiesto.  This collaboration by Francis and Jauz tops all of the remixes out their though. This is not the first time Francis and Jauz have worked together. Jauz re-remixed Dillon Francis\’s \’Some Chords\’ remix earlier this year. You can check out their \’Lean on\’ remix right Here: