I Am Sid

Straight out of Italy, I Am Sid is laying down a foundation of his heavy dark electro sound with his brand new track \’Y2038\’. The name, suggesting a year in the not-so-distant future, definitely paints a picture of a grave futuristic vibe.

The track initiates with a dry analog-esque pluck that will immediately catch your attention before an array of other synth layers build tension and a sense of space. The drop – immediately following what sounds like a cassette tape being loaded into a deck – hits hard with a driving bassline and an excellent use of silence, which gives the bass space and emphasize the impact of the drums.

Overall this tune would probably tickle the fancies of the likes of Rezz and Gesaffelstein, two other major players in this genre. Pick up the track as a free download, and support I Am Sid by sharing \’Y2038\’ for others to enjoy!