hurley mower metronome

Hurley Mower and Manasseh, two Chicago natives, teamed up to deliver a perfectly sultry mix of R&B and electronic in their track “Metronome”. Released via Lowly Palace, the track highlights Hurley’s superb production skills as well as Manasseh’s stunningly smooth vocals. Together, the pair manages to create a vibey and emotional piece.

For those who love soulful electronic, “Metronome” begs to be played on repeat.

Hurley Mower had the following to say on his newest release:

“Manasseh and I just had fun with this song. Its nature embodies the mood we had during the couple of sessions where it was created. Whether it’s the giggles, or the dialogue in the middle of the song, or the unconventional form with the tempo change, the idea was to not take ourselves too seriously. We let everything happen naturally, which resulted in a song that enters an unchartered territory.”

Check out “Metronome” below and stream it here.