Music festivals come with some awesome experiences, unfortunately for this attendee his experience was not all that great. Although this can be a hoax, a video has surfaced that a man was beaten by some guys at TomorrowWorld, stripped of his clothing, and left in the forest.  The man who found the attendee who\’s Youtube Channel goes by the name of Casey Sanders said this in the description :

I showed up to my stand to bow hunt on Thursday October the 2nd and hear someone yell. I looked down to find a man standing in the creek holding a walking stick with not a stitch of clothing on him. Claimed he had been beaten up by some guys at Tommorwworld then dropped in the woods after they stripped him of everything. He spent days trying to find water and then he stuck to the creek once he found it. He recalled his number and I got in touch with somebody to come get him after I led him to the road.

Although not recorded in the video, the hunter who found him did manage to get him in contact, and hopefully if this is true the poor guy regains his memory and finds the people responsible. Remember people, stay safe and don\’t ever put your self in situations you might not be able to control!