Need to prepare an entertainment speech for a special occasion? Have no idea how to attract your target audience? You aren’t the only one who finds it difficult to create an interesting speech.

Writing a speech is not an easy thing to do as you need to know how to please your audience. However, with proven tips and strategies at hand, it can be less stressful and challenging. That’s what this blog post is all about.

You need to allocate enough time to writing an entertainment speech as it should be not only entertaining but also informative. If you lack the time now, you’d better not take risks and ask someone from professional writing services, like this site – WriteMyPaperHub: “Please write a speech for me!”.

Even if you have more time than needed but noticed that you tend to procrastinate, it’s indeed of utmost importance to ask yourself whether you’re really going to schedule your preparation and complete it in stages.

Putting such things off till the last minute may only harm your reputation. Hectic writing is not something everyone can pull off. And it’s better that you assess your abilities adequately from the very beginning. In any case, for the speech to revolve around truly your ideas, you can draft an outline or the main points. The latter may swirl in your head constantly while the inspiration to develop them – be absent.

Another option is to draft the whole speech and ask an expert to edit it if you’re unsure of the flow, word choice, and grammar. Subjective look of the author at their own work is a typical issue. Therefore, it wouldn’t hurt anyway to have a fresh opinion on what you wrote. Of course, it can be a person you know, but a professional assessment is less biased and based on experience.

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No doubt that skilled and professional speech writers will help you create an entertainment speech that will engage your audience like a charm. Do you have free time and want to create it on your own? Excellent! Give it a shot. Just follow these effective tips that we’ve collected for you. Of course, there is a chance you won’t be able to implement all of them at once, as if you have never written entertainment speeches before, you would feel overwhelmed. Well, there is a little secret for you  — no one can. Everyone has difficulties in writing speeches, and any manual should be used step-by-step. So, choose the points you find the most suitable for your task, and use them one by one. Some will stay as a part of your practice and make your entertainment speech writing easier. Let’s start!

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Is an Entertainment Speech Only about Fun?

If to ask: “What is an entertainment speech?” most would answer: “It’s the speech that makes people laugh”. It’s a misconception that entertaining is only about fun. An entertainment speech can be created not only for weddings and parties but also for funerals.

The main objective of writing this type is to attract the attention of the target audience and cause emotions. What is the difference between good and bad entertainment speech? You’ll feel it immediately.

A great one is the one you’ll remember for long while the bad one is the speech that makes you feel bored. Want to be the one who can hook the audience easily? It’s a very useful skill to write entertainment speeches that you can gain if you follow step-by-step guidelines.

7 Tips for Writing Great Special-Occasion Speeches

And finally, we came to the point where you can grab useful tips on entertainment speech writing with both hands. Here are the effective tips that will help you to entertain any group of people, regardless of the occasion.

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1. Choose the topic

If the topic hasn’t been specified, you need to choose it on your own. Do it carefully as it’s very important to pick the right topic. You’re recommended to think of your personal experience related to the occasion. If you choose the topic you are familiar with, you’ll sound more persuasive. Also, it will be much more fun for you to research it. Don’t agree with writing on the topic that irritates you or makes you uncomfortable.

2. Brainstorm interesting ideas

Make a list of all the associations with the specific occasion and brainstorm original ideas you could use for the speech. If you don’t have any, then, look for them on the Web. You’ll definitely find the materials that will inspire you. However, it is a good idea to limit the time you spend on brainstorming or research because it can become an issue, especially if the deadline is scarily close.

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3. Think of the structure

There is no big difference between an essay and an entertainment speech. Both should be structured properly. Write an outline that will help you organize all the thoughts and ideas and not miss anything. Keep everything neat and clean. Your speech should have an opening sentence, the main body, and the conclusion.

4. Make it exciting

The best way to entertain an audience is to give examples from your life or the life of famous people. Tell stories that will serve the evidence of your words. Storytelling is the basis of nowadays culture. You can see it everywhere — in PR and advertisement, in education, in politics. A good story can sell anything, and your speech is not an exception.

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5. Create a speech within a certain word count

A public speech shouldn’t be too long. Even if it’s fun, your target audience will get bored if you talk for hours. You should check how much time it takes you to read it aloud.

6. Practice in attracting your audience with the help of intonation

The role of the intonation is more important than you can imagine. If you don’t change the intonation when reading the speech for several minutes, your target audience will fall asleep. So, don’t be afraid to be emotional if it’s necessary.

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7. Write a powerful ending

Some unknown author has compared a speech with a love affair meaning that everyone can start it but not everyone can end it. The ending isn’t less important than the beginning. Most people remember only the final words of the speaker. So, your task is to write the ending that will make an unforgettable impression on your target audience.

Remember that you should be focused on your target audience from the very beginning until the end. It’ll be great if you add some visual elements that will make your speech brighter.

And one more thing you should bear in mind. Forget about all the worries when you are on the stage. For you to feel confident, check whether the speech is effective by reading it aloud to your friends and relatives.

Follow the tips above and don’t forget about the eye contact when presenting the entertainment speech! Ready to rock? Give it a shot. Do your best and don’t let the fear or the feeling of uncertainty stop you. Just do it, champion! Good luck!